Thursday, June 7, 2012

March 2011

Chase made this picture of a Dinosaur and I thought it was cool, but I can't keep things forever, so I had him pose with it before I secretly disposed of it.
Keegan, Chase and Abbie right before we went out and had some family photo's taken. This was a 10 day old Abbie.
Just a cute picture of the litttle sis.
I had Keegan hold Abbie's hand for this picture. I thought it was pretty precious.
These are Chase's hands holding Abbie's little foot.
Curly little head of dark hair. She's so tiny that her shirt almost makes her body look huge and her head tiny.
This is Abbie after church one Sunday. She's got a lot of really dark curly hair.
Trey decided that one day after church he wanted to pass the sacrament.  I thought it was cute, so I had to capture the moment.
Keegan and little Abbie.
Trey made a cell phone. I thought it looked pretty good, too bad service
is terrible in our house. :)
I love it when babies stretch, I think it is the cutest little thing.
Just thought that this picture was so cute of Abbigail and Keegan just looking at each other.
The little clan of munchkins. I think they're pretty cute.
Dad and Abbigail just chillin on the couch.
Being cozy at Grandma's house. Wearing the cute little hat they gave her in the hospital. I even caught a happy little smile. You know it's bubbles, but who cares, it's still cute.
Nice little baby.
Head shots, they love their little sister.
Me helping Trey write his letters. We started using the book, "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons." I love the book and highly recommend it.
I just thought that this was a cute little picture of Miss Abbie.
My little Trey loves to dress up. I love his dressing up and will miss it when he doesn't do it anymore. Well, I hope he doesn't as a teenager, but He was being a pilot this day.
Grandma Johnston and all the kids looking at pictures.
My little cowboy pakcing to do something important I'm sure.
Monkey one and Monkey two.
Adorable little Keegan
Chase playing the Wii.  They have the Driving one (Mario Kart) and the Walking One (Super Mario Bros Wii)
What a nice big brother.
Mom and the baby.
Concentrating hard on the Wii.
This is how we get Chase to eat his vegetables.
Trey and little Miss Sis.
Dad and Abbie, taking a snooze.
The new play set we got, I sure hope it helps me survive the summer.
What a big bite Trey.
Daddy's and Abbigail's hands.
Wow, how many Olives can you fit in your mouth.  This was our chimichanga feed for Aden's birthday.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Trey singing in his pre-school Valentines day program.
Sterling and I were able to go to a Valentines day dinner date that the girls in Nyssa put on for a fundraiser.  They had dinner, entertainment and pictures.  I heard their was dancing. I couldn't have done too much of it, but it would have been fun to have a dance or two.
Sterling and I in the hospital just waiting and passing the time.  This was the first time that I really wasn't sure when to go in. Sterling called the Hospital for me and we decided to just go in and I was sure glad we did. By the time we got there I was already at dialated to a 5.  I think we got to the hospital around 5:00 or so.  They gave me an epidural pretty fast, but it didn't work so well on the left side of me. One leg completely dead, the other not so much. Abbie was born at 8:27 PM.
Our brand new baby, little miss Abbigail.
Me after having little miss Abbie, just waiting to hold her again.
Mommy & Abbie

Daddy & Abbie
This is my favorite hospital picture of Abbigail all cleaned up after her first bath.  They brought her all tucked in with this cute little hat.
Our Family on Saturday Dad, Mom, Chase, Trey, Keegan & Abbie
Grandma Johnston and Great Grandma Beus holding Abbigail.

Grandma Larsen with Lisa and Abbigail, Grandpa had to come up later.  He was in Michigan.
Little Abbigail in her coming home outfit.

Sucking her thumb.  We saw her do this in ultrasound pictures too.  Don't know if thos is good or bad.

Sunday, on our way home from the hospital.  We almost went home the night before, but I wasn't feeling very well and so we stayed in the hospital until the next day.
Lisa with Abbie after we got home from the hospital.
The boys playing a silly game with Grandma Larsen.

Pink Balloons the kids put on the mailbox for their new little sister.
The little sis cuddled up in a blanky after her first bath at home.
Keegan just being his cute little self. I loved this picture!

Pouring cement under our porch so we could make the stairs going down into our basement.

Little sis sleeping. I love to watch a sleeping baby. I love the way they put their hands up. So cute!

My mom and I decided to use their nice camera and try to take some pictures of Abbigail on our own.  She was four days old and though we weren't professional. I think we captured a couple cute photos.
Little Abbigail all happy and sleeping and looking all cute!

Aunt Laura holding little Abbigail at JC Penney after we went and had pictures taken.  She was six days old.
I always seem to put Laura D to work when she comes to visit. I had her help me paint the last little splotches that needed painting in the kids room upstairs.
Grandpa Larsen finally made it up to visit after a late night of driving in near blizzard conditions.  He had a short visit, but it was fun to have him there.
Sterling and our friend Jake did a little finishing work on our porch. They put trim around things and put up a shelf and a coat rack.
Sterling had the boys do some yard work while our friends were here.  They dug up some bushes and filled in some holdes. They worked pretty hard for little kids.  Well, Chase did :)
The girls are just chillin a bit.  Laura, Lisa and Abbie.
Our first Sunday at home.  Abbigail is one week and a couple days old.  So big already!
Here are Mr. Mario and Mr. Luigi.  Trey had me make him a mustache so he could be Luigi and Keegan had to have one too.
Here are Mr. Hardhat Man and Luigi holding the little Sister.

Grandma Johnston hold Abbie with Trey and Chase admiring.

The boys just looking all cute together in their cuteness.

Grandma Larsen holding her newest little grandchild.
Mommy and Baby

Our friend Karli came and took some pictures of us.  I think she did a wonderful job! It was a bit chilly that day, but it worked out.  I love the pictures, they were really fun!  Abbie is 10 days old in them.
Love this picture of the brothers, they are like this all the time.