Thursday, June 7, 2012

March 2011

Chase made this picture of a Dinosaur and I thought it was cool, but I can't keep things forever, so I had him pose with it before I secretly disposed of it.
Keegan, Chase and Abbie right before we went out and had some family photo's taken. This was a 10 day old Abbie.
Just a cute picture of the litttle sis.
I had Keegan hold Abbie's hand for this picture. I thought it was pretty precious.
These are Chase's hands holding Abbie's little foot.
Curly little head of dark hair. She's so tiny that her shirt almost makes her body look huge and her head tiny.
This is Abbie after church one Sunday. She's got a lot of really dark curly hair.
Trey decided that one day after church he wanted to pass the sacrament.  I thought it was cute, so I had to capture the moment.
Keegan and little Abbie.
Trey made a cell phone. I thought it looked pretty good, too bad service
is terrible in our house. :)
I love it when babies stretch, I think it is the cutest little thing.
Just thought that this picture was so cute of Abbigail and Keegan just looking at each other.
The little clan of munchkins. I think they're pretty cute.
Dad and Abbigail just chillin on the couch.
Being cozy at Grandma's house. Wearing the cute little hat they gave her in the hospital. I even caught a happy little smile. You know it's bubbles, but who cares, it's still cute.
Nice little baby.
Head shots, they love their little sister.
Me helping Trey write his letters. We started using the book, "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons." I love the book and highly recommend it.
I just thought that this was a cute little picture of Miss Abbie.
My little Trey loves to dress up. I love his dressing up and will miss it when he doesn't do it anymore. Well, I hope he doesn't as a teenager, but He was being a pilot this day.
Grandma Johnston and all the kids looking at pictures.
My little cowboy pakcing to do something important I'm sure.
Monkey one and Monkey two.
Adorable little Keegan
Chase playing the Wii.  They have the Driving one (Mario Kart) and the Walking One (Super Mario Bros Wii)
What a nice big brother.
Mom and the baby.
Concentrating hard on the Wii.
This is how we get Chase to eat his vegetables.
Trey and little Miss Sis.
Dad and Abbie, taking a snooze.
The new play set we got, I sure hope it helps me survive the summer.
What a big bite Trey.
Daddy's and Abbigail's hands.
Wow, how many Olives can you fit in your mouth.  This was our chimichanga feed for Aden's birthday.


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